Fresolo Secures $73,250 in Funding for South Worcester Neighborhood Housing Units

Today $73,250 in funding and up to $200,000 total has been granted to the South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (SWNIC) for the creation of affordable housing units in one of the most blighted areas of Worcester that would benefit greatly from the financial support.

Executive Director of the South Worcester Neighborhood Center, Ron Charette, said the following in regards to the funding, “The construction of new units of housing on what has been a neighborhood eyesore for decades is in keeping with the neighborhood’s own play for re-building. This project was put into the spotlight nearly three years ago, during a Mayor’s Walk of the area. Rep. Fresolo (Representative John P. Fresolo D- Worcester) saw the blight and vowed to help the neighborhood revitalize itself though the development of affordable housing. The area that will receive funding for renewal by SWNIC runs in the Southgate, Armory and Grant Street area of South Worcester. The new housing units will also create an attraction for employees looking for affordable local housing. The two projects will once again make this area of Worcester a productive, owner occupied neighborhood.

“I am proud to have helped secure the funding to begin this project. This money is the first step in rebuilding an area that has been an eyesore for many years. The new units of housing will provide an added boost to the entire neighborhood,” said Representative John P. Fresolo.